Fascination Sobre Notícias

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Caos en la primaria en Puerto Rico: postergan la votación en decenas do centros de que nunca recibieron las papeletas

Enquanto Governo fala em retomada em “V da Nike”, economistas sãeste Muito mais cautelosos e citam que desempenho Ainda mais favorável por indicadores foi anabolizado por transferência por renda

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—Jair Bolsonaro dedicated his vote in 2016 for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff of the corrupt PT to the deceased General Brilhante Ustra, a former general convicted of torture and kidnapping during the military dictatorship[27] who was in charge of DOI-CODI, a facility where she was held imprisoned as an anti-government guerrilla fighter.

Polls suggest 60% of his supporters are under-34s, who are often highly disillusioned but too young to remember the military regime. Indeed, public opinion has actually turned away from democracy. Only 56% of Brazilians now say it is “always the best form of government.” Small but noisy protests calling for military rule have sprung up.

La mitad do los brasileños reprueba la gestión del presidente Jair Bolsonaro frente a la pandemia mientras de que sólo un Notícias 27 % la aprueba, en momentos en qual Brasil se confirma saiba como uno de los epicentros del COVID-19 y es el segundo país con más quadros en el mundo y el sexto con más muertes.

La vacuna rusa contra el coronavirus podría garantizar la inmunidad por un período do hasta 2 años

The country became the first in the world to approve a possible vaccine against the virus, despite warnings from the global authorities against cutting corners.

The risk of his election sparked worry around the world, because he was promising to open the lands within the Amazon rainforest for exploration.[quarenta][41] The man he named for the Environment Ministry, Ricardo Salles, is a climate change denier who was condemned for ilegally editing ecological reserve maps to the benefit of mining companies as a state Environment Secretary in Sãeste Paulo,[42] to the point of slashing the funding for fighting climate change by 96%[43] and also stated that the Brumadinho Jair Bolsonaro tragedy, where a dam containing mining scum broke, could've been avoided if there were less "auditing bureaucracy" in place.

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"Pelo se debe comprometer la seguridad": por qué preocupa el anuncio do Rusia A respeito de su vacuna Alberto Silva contra el covid-19

Las frases machistas do Bolsonaro y sus ministros por las cuales la Fiscalía de Brasil pide que sean procesados

Adeus, Bolsonaro A gravidade da crise brasileira nãeste parece incomodar Jair Bolsonaro. Ele continua agindo como se fosse um deputado do baixo clero.

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